How to review Facebook privacy settings

Reviewing your Facebook privacy settings regularly will keep your information and photos/videos safe from prying eyes even as Facebook adds new functionality and edits existing functionality on Facebook.com. To check these settings, please use the instructions below:

1. Log into your Facebook account, and click the Menu arrow in the top right hand corner.
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2. Towards the middle of the menu, click on Settings.
3. On the left side of the screen, click Privacy.
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4. The first section we’re going to look at is the “Who can see my stuff” section. Here we’ll click on Edit to change who can see things you post from this moment forward. Next to "Who can see your future posts" lets click Edit.
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5. Here we're going to click the drop-down menu towards the bottom to select Friends, Public, or Friends Except. Typically we'll set this to Friends to ensure only people you've specifically added as friends can see your posts. This will cover your text posts, photos, videos, etc.
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6. If you'd like to apply these changes to all of your past postings, click on Limit Past Posts and then confirm by clicking the matching button.
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7. Next, under the "Who can look me up" section we'll click the Edit button next to "Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile."
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8. Uncheck the checkbox here to prevent Google from returning your Facebook profile when someone searches for your name.
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That covers the basic security/privacy settings within Facebook. This will prevent the public (non-friends) from viewing your posts, pictures, videos, etc - and will prevent non-friends from finding you using a Google search or similar.

This combined with safe email habits, a strong antivirus and antimalware application, and regular cleanings will protect you in the internet age, and keep your computer and devices running smoothly!

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