How to install AVG antivirus

The easiest way to protect yourself on the internet, and ensure your computer continues running smoothly for years to come - is to install a solid antivirus. Many people believe you need to pay for a good antivirus software, and thats simply not true. Today we're going to detail the installation of AVG Antivirus. This is a product we've used for years, and it is great at catching dangerous stuff.

1. First we’ll need to download the installer application. This can be done by navigating here in your web browser:
Right-click this link and choose 'open in new tab' --> AVG Download

2. Once there, click the Free Version button under the AVG Antivirus Free section. The download will appear in a bar at the bottom of your web browser, and will display its progress.
 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg1.png)

3. Once the download finishes, click the installer from the bar at the bottom of the screen. You’ll most likely receive a prompt confirming you want to run this installer. Allow the installer to run.
4. The AVG installer will begin downloading the additional components required for the installation to complete successfully.
 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg2.png)

5. When this part of the process has finished, the installer will be displayed. Click the Custom Installation link.
 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg3.png)

6. On the next screen, be sure to select Install Basic/Free.
 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg4.png)

7. On the next screen you can just click OK.
 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg5.png)

8. After you click OK, the next screen will prompt you with a few more settings. Ensure both checkboxes are selected, and click Install Now.
 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg6.png)

9. Now the installation process will complete.
 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg7.png)

10. When the installation finishes, you’ll be presented with the AVG window. Click the Antivirus button.
 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg8.png)

11. Now, click the Scan Computer button to begin your first computer scan.
 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg9.png)

If AVG finds any threats, it'll automatically remove/quarantine them for you.

 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg11.png)

If it doesn't, you're good to go and can close out of AVG at this time.

 (image: http://docs.cameron-solutions.com/docimages/avg/avg10.png)

You’ll want to update the program at least once a month, and running the system scan every 1-2 weeks will keep your computer clean. If you get stuck, or need any help at all, please reach out!

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